DECOR: Some Décor Mistakes That Makes Your Home Ugly

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image: Living room space

Whether you are moving to your just completed home or a rented apartment, it is important to personalise it with trendy decorative home accessories. This is because having an aesthetic and well-decorated home will create a pleasant and tranquil haven for you and your family. This said, there are mistakes that Nigerians make when decorating their homes especially for individuals with little or no interior design experience. Despite this, you can still achieve a pleasing arrangement by avoiding these common interior design flaws

1) Painting Without Testing Colours: Oftentimes, painting your home with your favourite colour is not always a good idea. Colours usually appear different on walls. You should test various paint colours before you decide on the one that suits your taste and home. You may also want to consider the colour of your furniture and curtains before painting.

2)Cramming Your Furniture: Resist every temptation to cram your room with furniture because it will be difficult for you to walk around. You don’t need to fill up space with too many furniture. Spend money on quality furniture that will make your room classy.

3)Hanging All Your Collectibles: You cannot display the collectibles like plaques, pictures, and awards you have amassed over the years. Two or three is enough for your room.

4)Covering Floors With White Carpets: White carpets can easily get messed up or dirty. It is the biggest mistakes anyone moving to a new apartment can make. You will have to wash it every day to keep it clean.