CGM, partners to provide free empowerment on real estate

Considering the increasing rate of insecurity in Nigeria and crime wave among our youths which a religious group, Church of God Mission, Garden City, Oniru Parish and its partners blame unemployment as the root cause. This organization decided to contribute their quota to reduce the high rate of unemployment especially among our youths by organising a free Round Table Lekki conference on real estate to empower youths and others with opportunities in that sector.

In a press conference at the church’s office in Lekki, the Senior Pastor of the church, Rev. Chris Ubamadu said, “today there is insecurity, religious intolerance, banditry, hoodlums and terrorism which were hardly heard of 10 or 15 years ago. Unfortunately, these national challenges had forced many young people who had the opportunities or options to invest here leave the country.

Without mincing words, Nigeria is now regarded as the poverty capital of the world in terms of food shortages, out of school children and a whole number of areas due to these militating factors worsening by the day”. On this backdrop, Rev Chris said that, we at Church of God Mission, Garden City, Oniru Parish, decided to do something no matter how little it is to hurt the hype of negativity in Nigeria, because at the bottom of all these problems are men, women and children who are directly affected by all of these maladies affecting our country today.

So, in our study of the root cause of some of these issues, we found out that the major cause is the challenge of unemployment, so we decided to proffer solutions starting with the real estate sector.

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According to him, that led to the creation of the platform that we called, The Round Table Lekki – an economic empowerment platform, a network platform and a business development platform that enable us to focus on network that would bring people from various sectors for one image objective, to x-ray and expose the opportunities that are lying in those sectors. For instance, our next edition is going to be on real estate. So, what exactly are we doing? The Round Table Lekki takes a sector in the economy and brings in experts, business people, players in that sector, big and small investors and the government in some cases to open up that sector to help everyone who is a participant to see the potentials existing in that sector.

In addition, Team lead/programme coordinator, Tseyi Ejueyitsi said, “when we conceived this dream, it was all about the situation, precisely the micro economic factors of the country. So, we are looking at being a solution. Looking at the country today, unemployment is a major problem, and another key factor that is affecting us is the inflation rate. Right now, it has increased to 18% from 17% last month. And this is from about 15% last year. Continuing, Ejueyitsi said that we have to provide solution. However, the Round Table Lekki is a platform for economic empowerment; real estate is just a starting point. Next year we will be looking into another sector, and we are going to be covering it sector by sector, addressing the challenges and proffering solutions. This year, looking at the real estate, we are working with experts in the industry, looking at the Lekki axis”.

In the same vein, media partner of the Round Table Lekki and CEO, Xtreme Mindz Solutions Ltd, Fegho Umunubo, said, “We are into partnership with the organisers because The Round Table Lekki is in line with our CSR strategy for the year. For us, we believe in empowering individuals and that is what the Round Table is all about. On May 1, 2021 a lot of opportunities around the real estate sector will be unveiled to all the participants and a lot of people are going to be improved because of these opportunities coming their way.

Source: Vanguard