Earth Point Modern Shelter Setting New Paradigms In Modern Housing

    A Nigerian real estate company Earth Point Modern Shelter (EPMS) has disclosed it’s readiness to solve the problem of affordable housing in Nigeria as well as offer mortgage solutions in the real estate sector.

    Earth Point Modern Shelter located at Dape Life Camp comprising of 124 housing units, 30 two-bedroom appartment, 70 four-bedroom terrace duplexes and 24 three bedroom apartments is the brain child of Abdul Malik Mahdi and Hilalludeen Muhammed, CEOs of Modern Shelter.

    According to Marketing Executives of EPMS Habiba Audu and Idris Abubakar who gave Housing Development a tour of the site, the project was created to bridge the gap between potential home owners and affordable modern houses.

    Answering the question of financial plans set up to make housing ownership affordable and convenient, Habiba stated that the company is in partnership with a number of financial organisations including Infinity Trust Mortgage Bank which offers their clients affordable mortgage rates.Habiba also noted that they have two projects in the works; One in Apo and the Other in Galadimawa called Eden Gardens.