We need more women professionals in real estate ― Bridget Adeyemi, CEO, Lekkiajahikoyi Property

More women need to get involved in the real estate sector. This is according to Bridget Adeyemi, director of Lekkiajahikoyi Property Investment Limited, a leading real estate marketing company in Lagos.

“Marketing of property used to be a man’s world, but that has changed in the past decades.

More women are making name for themselves as top real estate professionals, as marketers and developers,” Adeyemi asserted.

Continuing, she added: “My husband and I started our property business after we graduated from the university, and together we have worked to get to the point where Lekkiajahikoyi is recognised as the best property marketing company, especially in the Lekki-Ajah-Ikoyi axis.

I could have chosen a different path as an entrepreneur, but I reasoned that business is business and if my husband can do it, then I can do it as well. Here we are today, we both run the company.”

The company was the 2018 Real Estate Marketing Company of the year (Young Entrepreneurs Award).

Recently, in 2020, Lekkiajahikoyi Property Investment Limited won the GMYT Academy Award for excellence in Real Estate Marketing.

She further claimed that gone are those days when certain professions are the exclusive preserve of men.

“When women think about going into business, what automatically comes to their mind is trading in a shop or opening a boutique, whereas, they could fare better as a full-time real estate professional,¨ Bridget Adeyemi stated.

She further advised women to invest in real estate even if they are not ready to go into the business side of it. “Women should start thinking about owning homes and invest in owning property that can bail them out on rainy days,” she counselled.