Clever ways to invest in real estate

real estate in Nigeria

Before venturing into real estate, it is imperative to note the smarter ways to invest in it.

It is a satisfying and lucrative investment strategy to buy and own real estate. It is quite unlike bond and stock investors. The prospective real estate owners may use leverage for buying a property by only paying a part of the complete cost upfront. They pay the balance amount and interest later over a while.

One of the better ways for investors to make money in real estate is by becoming a landlord of a rental property. Then there are house flippers who buy some undervalued real estate, fix it, and sell it for a higher price. Here are more details about ways of investing in real estate.

Owning rental properties

Having rental properties is a terrific opportunity for people that have DIY and renovation skills together with the patience to manage different tenants. But, this strategy needs you to possess a good deal of capital for covering the upfront maintenance costs and the maintenance costs during the vacant period.

However, this provides a regular income and you will have properties that appreciate. It also raises the capital via leverage and there are several tax-deductible expenses associated with the business. But, keep in mind that it can become tedious to manage tenants because there is a possibility of property damage caused by tenants and less income due to possible vacancies.

House flipping

This line of business is for people having a great deal of experience in the field of real estate valuation, renovation, and marketing. It also needs large capital and the capability to perform and oversee repair as required. House flipping is considered to be the wild side of real estate investing. The house flippers are different from the buy and rent landlords.

The flippers are mostly looking to sell undervalued properties they have purchased within six months. Pure house flippers do not invest in the rebuilding of the property. So, their investment needs to have an intrinsic value required for achieving profits without any modification required. Otherwise, they will just eliminate the house from contention.

The house flippers that are unable to unload a property quickly may find themselves in trouble because generally, they do not have sufficient available cash at hand that will take care of mortgages on the property over the long term. This leads to snowballing losses. Another type of house flipper buys reasonably priced properties and increases the value by performing the renovation. It can be a long-term investment and allows investors to take on a couple of properties at the same time.

Investing in New York real estate

The real estate business in New York City is renowned for its investment opportunities. New York is one of the significant cities in the world and buying a property in New York can be a unique investment opportunity. But real estate in the city is expensive. It is probably the most expensive city in the world in terms of rent and one of the more expensive ones to own residential properties. You can find turnkey properties where you can buy a house, fix it, and rent it out immediately. There are NYC property management companies out there that specialize in the sale of these kinds of properties.

You can also invest in NYC real estate by using REIT or Real Estate Investment Trust. The REIT allows the investors to buy residential and commercial properties together with mortgage loans. But the unique thing about REIT is its singular focus on retail or commercial buildings such as Union Square. Another possibly cost-prohibitive NYC investment opportunity is via buying the property directly. It is a difficult proposition though because of the inherent demand in the city. The investors are faced with stringent requirements if they are looking to invest in NYC real estate.


Because of the huge popularity of real estate investments, there are just a few things to remember while you are planning to invest. The first important thing to realize is that you are competing with several other investors. But that is not the only thing to worry about and you are required to consider many things while investing in NYC real estate. However, it is a lucrative line of business if you can act quickly and have a proper plan in place.