Nigeria Housing Sector @60: Faith led Housing Initiatives

With the cardinal role housing plays in the economy of every nation and the status of housing as the second basic need of humans, religious bodies are not left behind in the quest to providing affordable houses for Nigerians as they have continued to contribute their own quota to the Nigeria housing sector over the past 60 years of the country’s independence.

Listed below are faith based organizations worthy of recognition and acknowledgment as they have made huge impacts in the Nigeria housing sector.


  • Haggai Mortgage Bank Limited

Haggai Bank has always been an institution destined for great things. When the bank started as a finance company in the year 1994, there was no doubt that the moves were going to go beyond corporate financing. As a faith-based organization, there was more than hunches and business schemes backing the move into new terrains. It was in the year 2008 that Haggai Bank became a mortgage bank. Since then, it has moved on to become one of Nigeria’s leading mortgage bank in the country with several global recognition. Its commitment to making home acquisition easy has seen the trailblazing mortgage institution finance ten different estates of varying numbers of houses at the redemption camp with two financed estates in Maryland Lagos and one estate in Abuja. The bank is committed to deploying its resources to ensure access to proper and befitting housing to members of the mission and non-members while amassing clients and customers across the nation.


  • AG Mortgage Bank Plc

 AG Mortgage Bank Plc (AGMB) was incorporated on 21st July 2004 as a private limited liability company and obtained a mortgage banking license from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in December 2004. It commenced business in January 2005 as a Primary Mortgage Bank (PMB). Following a Private Placement of its shares which resulted in having about 5,000 shareholders at the end of the exercise, the PMB was converted to a Public Limited Liability Company in April, 2007. In May 2015, the Company’s name was changed from AG Homes Savings & Loans Plc to AG Mortgage Bank Plc. The Bank’s share is now listed on NASD Plc, a securities exchange registered by the Securities & Exchange Commission(SEC) to perform the functions of an over the counter (OTC) market in the securities of unquoted public companies. Consequently, shareholders who wish to dematerialise their shares for Central Securities Clearing System (CSCS) registration and OTC trading can do so in a formally recognised market place (The NASD Platform). The company is a member of the Mortgage Banking Association of Nigeria (MBAN). As a PMB, the principal business of AG Mortgage Bank Plc is the provision of mortgage lending, real estate construction finance, drawing from the mortgage funds (e.g. National Housing Fund Facility) for on-lending, acceptance of savings, term, mortgage focused demand deposits and financial advisory services. From inception, the Bank focused on serving all segments of society as it committed “To be the preferred Primary Mortgage Institution with a commanding presence nation-wide.” The company was granted a national mortgage banking licence under the Revised CBN Guidelines for Primary Mortgage Banks in Nigeria. Between October and December 2016, the Bank launched a Rights Issue to enhance the existing shareholders stake in the company. The Bank’s strategy as a National Mortgage Bank is to drastically raise the amount of its funds in order to expand its business both locally and internationally by way of making mortgages available to Nigerians at home and in diaspora. Operating under the slogan “…. a partner you can trust,” AGMB offers personalized solutions that turns personal ambition for home ownership into reality.


  • Winners Properties Limited

Winners Properties (Nig.)  ltd is owned by the Living Faith church and has constructed over 5000 houses in Nigeria. It is a registered company under the Companies and Allied Matters Act of 1990. The Group’s affiliation with international partners ensures that an unrivaled mix of global market knowledge and technical expertise is brought to bear with the sole purpose of maximizing the potential of your property, wherever that property is located, regardless of residential/commercial properties are located, winners properties will go all out to be of service and satisfaction to our prospective clients.

The Nigeria housing sector has come along way, but in all, the story can not be completely told without noting these faith based organization who have done immensely to facilitate the delivery of housing in Nigeria.

Jubilee-Life Mortgage Bank Plc.

Jubilee-Life Mortgage Bank Plc is a leading primary mortgage bank in Nigeria. It was incorporated in August 1992 as private limited Liability Company. Since inception, Jubilee-Life Mortgage Bank Plc. has evolved into a mortgage bank with a global outlook whose activities extend beyond the shores of Nigeria. The Bank has attained significant growth and emerged as a giant in the mortgage banking sector in terms of assets, loans, deposit, profitability and branch network. We attribute our success to our commitment to deliver safe, viable and affordable housing solutions which address the housing deficit in Nigeria.

Owing to Nigeria’s exponential population growth, the need to deliver affordable houses for individuals within Nigerian societies cannot be overemphasized. As a result, Jubilee-Life Mortgage Bank Plc. strives to meet the identified need. Our expertise in the mortgage banking industry gives us leverage in our quest to alleviate the myriad challenges hindering national housing development.

We are deliberate in our approach with a long-term strategy to address stakeholders’ needs by providing innovative and affordable mortgage products and services to low-middle income earners.

Jubilee-Life Mortgage Bank Plc. was birthed out of a kingdom mandate by the Redeemed Christian Church God (RCCG) with a vision to assist with the growing housing need. Jubilee-Life Mortgage Bank Plc. has its operations centered on core values of professionalism, integrity and excellence.

The Bank engages in retail banking operations through acceptance of savings and term deposits, acceptance of mortgage-focused deposits, mortgage finance, mortgage advisory services, drawing from mortgage funds for on-lending, and other financial activities as permitted by the Central Bank of Nigeria. Jubilee-Life Mortgage Bank Plc. has financed thousands of notable low-cost housing projects/small to medium enterprise projects in various states of the nation including Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Oyo, Ogun to mention a few.

As a result of excellent service delivery, the Bank has badged several awards including; Nigeria Best Property Development Finance Company of the year 2007, West African Best Customer Service Mortgage Finance Company of the year 2008, National Integrated Quality Mortgage Banking Company of the year 2009, West African Branding Merit Award for Mortgage Banking Excellence, African Order of Merit in the Finance & Acquisition of Property in 2011, Integrity in Mortgage Business of the year 2017, Most Reliable Mortgage Bank of the year 2017 amongst others.